What Was Learned and Lost During 2020

I was sitting blithely in the chair at a hair salon on March 11, 2020 when my partner texted me that WHO had declared a pandemic. Being a pharmacist, I knew exactly what that meant. Not the details — that people would panic and buy toilet paper, or that people would argue about the necessity of following public health guidelines — but I knew that for a pandemic to be declared meant we could not control the spread of a novel pathogen and that a very serious degree of chaos and a significant loss of life would ensue. …

At the risk of being political, which I don’t want to be, because I’m not, I am quietly relieved and celebrating the US news that the Biden/Harris ticket has won the election. And I’m a Canadian living in Canada.

The shock and sadness that I felt 4 years ago when I had to explain to my three kids that our family values of integrity, truth, inclusiveness, science and cooperation were not upheld, was palpable. It hurt. It made us feel alone.

Fast forward to this year, and the shock and sadness that I feel as a healthcare professional listening to…

Shannon MF Low

Citizen of Earth. Follower of Science. Mother of 3. Warrior of Life. Pharmacist who is passionate about Health Promotion & Disease Prevention. Ally of 2SLGBTQ+.

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